Michael Schnabel: Art

There is a subtlety to Michael Schnabel's Fine Artwork – a simplicity that belies the depth each image holds - if you are willing to slow down in this frenetic world, and take the time to really see, you will be rewarded with a certain quality of calm profoundness, hidden within each image.


Phillip Low

A prism can appear simple – and then you pick and up, and the nimble dance of light within, as well as on the walls around you, let you know that what appears to be straightforward, can also be magical. Phillip Low creates one-of-a-kind, hand-faceted lucite geometric sculptures whose radiant glow is sure to hypnotize.

Flora Borsi

At only 21 years old, Flora Borsi is certainly a talent to watch for the future. A recent graduate of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, her work is already garnering attention from major collectors and publications around the world.

ANDY GILMORE: Over and Over Again

ANDY GILMORE: Over and Over Again

Michael Schnabel: Commercial

At first glance, you might notice Michael Schnabel's landscapes often feature wide open spaces - - - but the word "empty" does not seem to fit, because each shot is brimming with emotional impact.


Phyx Design is the Graphic Arts Studio of Masaki Koike, based in the Los Angeles area. His astonishing designs for the music industry have earned him a Grammy award, as well as multiple nominations - including this year with The Smiths Tapes boxed set.  


Lissy Elle

Lissy Elle documents the world of her imagination - her dreamy imagery can take you to another place, defy gravity, or just allow your mind to wander into the magical spaces between each passing moment.





Ideally, a collaboration should bring people together to create something new, and better than what any one person could each have created on their own – -  and such is the case with RomanLeo, which beautifully combines the efforts and talents of Randy Crisp and Ruzanna Yesayan.

Fleur Van Doodewaard

It takes a certain dedication for an artist to decide that they want to make their abstract art using photography. Or should I say, use photography to make their abstract art. Fleur Van Dodewaard is an Amsterdam-based artist whose striking Sun Set series caught my eye.



Before They Pass Away

Global culture is replacing traditional cultures, and its spread is reaching around the globe, inexorably erasing the traditional ways of life of many distinct cultures. Take a look into the eyes of mankind, before their ways are gone forever.