Ideally, a collaboration should bring people together to create something new, and better than what any one person could each have created on their own – -  and such is the case with RomanLeo, which beautifully combines the efforts and talents of Randy Crisp and Ruzanna Yesayan.


Fleur Van Doodewaard

It takes a certain dedication for an artist to decide that they want to make their abstract art using photography. Or should I say, use photography to make their abstract art. Fleur Van Dodewaard is an Amsterdam-based artist whose striking Sun Set series caught my eye.


Andrew Bannecker

Andrew Bannecker's warm take on the world will charm you. Playful,  slightly nostalgic, but always fresh - his work has been recognized by Communication Arts, American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators, and he was included in Luerzer's 200 Best Illustrators in the world. 



Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire's graceful, undulating feather sculptures can feel as if their otherworldly power might engulf you - or sit serenely - magnificently - in quiet repose for you to admire their resting, preoccupied shapes. 

Before They Pass Away

Global culture is replacing traditional cultures, and its spread is reaching around the globe, inexorably erasing the traditional ways of life of many distinct cultures. Take a look into the eyes of mankind, before their ways are gone forever.


Hear What You Want

Kevin Garnett wears Beats by Dre Studio Wireless to silence the haters in the full "Hear What You Want" director's cut by Paul Hunter.  

Watch the spot that Adweek is calling,"Tough, brave, and relentless."




In Pieces

LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya teamed up with photographer Dean West to create the series "In Pieces" - a large format photography series that  has you searching for the life-sized LEGO sculptures, bringing to mind issues inherent in digital photography itself - contrasting pixelation and technology.


Tina Berning and Michelangelo Di Battista approach image-making from their own disciplines: photography and painting - - and each are known for their portraits of beautiful women.  What happens when they collaborate, combining their different approaches, strengths and differing media? The Face/Project.



Tina Berning

Sly glances by beautiful women are not the only thing that distinguishes Tina's Berning's work - her hand lettering, and organic, drawn patterns set her apart from other fashion illustrators.