Mash Design

When I think of Mash Design, I think of gorgeous wine labels, "Chef's Special" magazine, clever collages, and great collateral design work.

Marco Puccini

Marco Puccini not only embraces his dark side, he draws inspiration from it. 

Dan Tobin Smith

Dan Tobin Smith's TV spot for the Alexander McQueen Puma collection is simply stunning.



Josef Schultz

Josef Schultz's images may sometimes have a computer game screen-like quality to them, but they combine real, photographic elements with into surreal scenes that at once can feel familiar, and slightly disturbing in their "perfected" state. 


Rubin Ireland

Ruben Ireland is a writer who tells his stories without words -  each image will draw you deeper into the plot, as your mind fills in the details on each character, circumstance, and - before you know it - all the possibilities of what will happen next.


Kumi Yamashita

An unassuming piece of aluminum becomes a running man, simple pieces of paper become distinctly unique profiles of people - Kumi Yamashita creates in the media of light - and you will enjoy seeing the objects she uses to do so.




David Maisel: Mining

David Maisel's imagery of toxic mining sites will make you reassess what you describe as beautiful.

Andrew Zuckerman

I am utterly mesmerized by Andrew Zuckerman's images for his book, "Bird". Perhaps it's because I can stare at these creatures so closely, and in such marvelous detail, that makes me enjoy the experience in a way I never could in real life.



Benjamin Bouchet 

Benjamin Bouchet's inventive still life images show a delightful urban flair and savvy.