Off The Clock: Exhibit

Creatives love to see photographers’ personal work because it reveals their true photographic style without anyone else’s influence or input. APA Los Angeles  – otherwise known as American Photographic Artists – understands this insight, and that is why they have put together their show, Off The Clock, for the third year in a row.


Street Art by Mart

At the tender age of 12, Mart began painting in the streets of Buenos Aires, bringing his vibrant, whimsical style to lucky passers by. His vibrant colors and playful subjects bely a sophisticated mastery of the use of aerosol paints. 


Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson’s imagery brims with suggested narratives – they are suspended in time, ephemeral moments in a nonexistent storyline, frozen timelessly within his photographs. Each unchanging tableau suggests possibilities that prickle the imagination - - but without a beginning or end to each story, they exist, unchanging, outside of time.

ANDY GILMORE: Over and Over Again

ANDY GILMORE: Over and Over Again

Georgia Russell

Georgia Russell slashes, cuts, and dissects printed mater – transforming their two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional sculptures with new emotional resonance and meaning. 


There's a new camera available - the Lytro Illum - that allows photographers to take images using a new technology that adds depth and interactivity. Subtle animations or the ability to change the focus in a shot combine to create "living images."

I Love Dust

UK-based I Love Dust is a multi-disciplinary design studio whose fresh, innovative designs have garnered both accolades and awards.  Go ahead - I bet you'll love dust, too.


KAI AND SUNNY: The Devil is in the Details

KAI AND SUNNY: The Devil is in the Details

Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela's series "Surreal Fashion"  is where beauty meets absurdity, and couture meets chaos.  Each image is suspended in a dreamy, glamorous world, filled with opulent characters.


Christopher David Ryan is the one-man design tour-de-force that is Atmostheory.  His portfolio and creative endeavors are surprisingly diverse, and span from the complex techniques seen in the work of Atmostheory, to the simplicity of his funny “Dailies”.



Giles Revell

Much of Giles Revell's work carries an underlying theme, a search for the essence of his subjects - often his images uncover an unseen property of the thing he is photographing, something that is at the heart of that thing's beauty.