Dan Winters

"Last Lauch" is a stunning photographic tribute to America’s space shuttle program. Winters was one of only a handful of photographers to whom NASA gave close-range access to photograph the last launches of the space shuttles. "Last Launch" provides the viewer with a visual tour of the space program as a marvel of technology and human ingenuity.

3/14/14 is the next HappyFriday

HappyFriday needs a few updates, but we'll be back again 3/14/14.

In the meantime enjoy this spot from Honda Europe (Inner Beauty), and do not miss this inspiring TED Talk from time-lapse photographer Louie Schwartzberg about Gratitude.

So God Made A Farmer

It is this iconic Paul Harvey speech given in 1978 that forms the backbone of RAM's XLVII Super Bowl spot, creating a visual poem dedicated to the farmers of America. First it was a commercial, and now it is a coffee table book, filled with stunning photography, celebrating the tradition of farming in America. 

ANDY GILMORE: Over and Over Again

ANDY GILMORE: Over and Over Again

Torkil Gudnason

Beauty is a calling as well as a never-ending source of inspiration and exploration for photographer Torkil Gudnason.  The artful harmony he creates between curve, line, skin and color is at once extravagant and sensuous. 

Tim Flach: More Than Human

So much in nature reconnects us to our own sense of wonder at this world that we live within.  There is nothing quite like watching animals to spark within us our own sense of empathy and awe, as we recognize ourselves within these astonishing creatures. More Than Human will inspire, amaze, and moreover, challenge you.


Gilles and Cecilie Studio

Gilles and Cecilie Studio offer a variety of talents to bring three-dimensional spaces to life - and then make them burst with vitality.  Their solutions for Hotel Folketeatret in Oslo, Norway, are sophisticated, complex, and bring each space to life, showcasing a variety of their talents.


KAI AND SUNNY: The Devil is in the Details

KAI AND SUNNY: The Devil is in the Details

Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall photographs the ephemeral – - - fleeting moments of fragile and changing beauty that at times, can only exist outside our human capacity of perception.

I Love Dust

UK-based I Love Dust is a multi-disciplinary design studio whose fresh, innovative designs have garnered both accolades and awards.  Go ahead - I bet you'll love dust, too.



Trine Søndergaard

The quiet, introspective work of Trine Sondergaard thoughtfully reveals the landscapes within the mind, no matter what subject she choses to explore in front of her camera.  Each image is filled with a potential that goes beyond what is actually depicted –  and often the real subject of each photo is not so much what is shown, but what is not shown.